Orchard Growers Insurance Coverage

As a Pomologist, orchard owner, and grower, you are the classic entrepreneur wearing many hats while managing many tasks trying to keep your business on the leading edge of your industry.

You own and operate a very capital intensive business with a great deal invested in property infrastructure whether its new high-density plantings, high tension trellis, and irrigation. You have invested big and hoping you have selected the right varieties with the understanding there is no income coming in for a few years. At harvest, the crop all need to be carefully picked by hand and in many cases, offshore H2A labor is used to get the job done.

Besides growing the crop, you have also heavily invested in storage and packing facilities to handle the annual bounty in order to get your crop to market. In the Northeast, most orchards have a well established retail market, and pick your own operations, with an agritainment component to draw more customers to the farm during harvest. At The Lyman Agency, LLC. we understand the orchard business. Jim Lyman President of The Lyman Agency, LLC. was raised on his family’s 1000 acre farm with over 300 acres of orchards. Jim also was a Pomology minor at Cornell University and stays current with the latest orchard practices. Jim and The The Lyman Agency, LLC. represent an insurance carrier started by farmers for farmers and we will get to know your business and tailor a program that insures your business will continue to the next generation.

The same care and attention it takes to grow the crisp apples also is spent cultivating and developing and nurturing the client base at the retail, and wholesale level. The Lyman Agency, LLC has helped many orchards, as well as, many of Connecticut’s largest farms and Agribusinesses. Our Farm Package offers a flexible policy which can be customized to affordably protect your business and personal property under one policy.

Other Risk Factors for Orchards
Workers Compensation:

Historically, one of the largest insurance premiums for a good size fruit grower is Workers Compensation Insurance. In many cases, the Workers Compensation represents approximately 50% of the annual insurance premium. It is critical for you to have a partner who has a detailed understanding expertise of the entire workers’ compensation system. The key to maintaining a level or decreasing premiums is loss prevention. We have successfully worked with some of the largest farms in implementing loss prevention programs. When someone is injured it is critical that the claims are properly managed in order to protect your modification factor. We do this every day and as a result, in time are able to reduce and lower the modification factor.

Commercial Auto:

Most Orchards in Connecticut have a good sized fleet of vehicles ranging from tractor trailers for moving packed fruit, to straight job trucks, flatbed trucks, to dump trucks, pickup trucks, vans for the pickers and cars for management. We understand Commercial Auto and show you ways to reduce your premiums on an ongoing basis.

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Types of Coverage for Orchards

Property Coverage:

  • Buildings and Contents
  • Specific Greenhouse coverage
  • Builders Risk
  • Farm Residences, Contents, and Personal Property
  • Farm Machinery
  • Farm Products, Supplies, and Tools
  • Loss of income and Extra Expense
  • Growing crops coverage inside greenhouses
  • Limited Growing Crops coverage Outside
  • Borrowed Farm Machinery
  • Limited pollution Cleanup
  • Ordinance of Law


  • Farm and Business Liability
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Medical Coverage for Others
  • Farm Chemical Transportation Coverage

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Determining the types of coverage that you need for your orchard can be complex. The Lyman Agency, Inc takes a personal interest in protecting what matters most to you. We will take the time to understand you and your operation and to build a customized plan. Most importantly we will take the time to explain the program so you understand how you and your business are properly protected. Contact us today to learn more and start the discussion.

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At Lyman, we understand that your business is unique. You want an insurance agency that is familiar with the business to ensure you have the complete coverage you need.

Lyman Insure™ has the experience that business owners need to protect all aspects of their business. At The Lyman Agency, LLC., we recognize that it is the relationships we establish with our clients that set us apart. Please contact us for a free quote or insurance evaluation. You can be sure with Lyman Insure.

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