Your Landscaping Business is a way of Life

Landscaping Business Insurance

Your landscaping Business is a way of life that is hard work, long hours, and in the end very rewarding. We understand your business and what it takes for you to be successful. We insure landscapers who have 30 plus crews and vehicles to the landscaper with a few years under his/her belt who has one truck, trailer and mower, and a vision and a dream. The majority of our clients have a great deal invested in equipment ranging from Scagg mowers to large payloaders, excavators, and tri-axle dump trucks. With this type of equipment, accidents happen and expose your business to liability. It’s important for you to work closely with an experienced insurance agency that understands the various business insurance issues that you face on a daily basis whether it be landscape and design installation with underground explosion and collapse or snow plowing, You need someone who will take an interest in your operation and will make sure you are covered. The Lyman Agency, LLC. inherently understands the industry and provides landscaping business insurance many of Connecticut’s leading landscapers businesses for more than 15 years.

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Who We Cover?

  • Landscapers
  • Lawn Service providers
  • Lawn installation
  • Snow Plowing
  • Arborists
  • Lawn irrigation companies

What Protection Do You Need?

The Lyman Agency, LLC. can provide you with a tailored business insurance policy for your landscaping business that features all the landscaping insurance options you need.

  • Property Coverage
  • Liability
  • Loss of Income Protection
  • Protecting You
  • Helpful Resources

We’ll Help You Protect

  • Tools equipment and building materials, whether on or off premises or in transit
  • Property of others while in your care, custody or control
  • Property in transit or temporarily off premises
  • Valuable papers and records, including electronic or magnetic media
  • Newly acquired property
  • Money and securities on or off premises
  • Peak season coverage

We Do Snow Plowing!

We realize that Snow Plowing is a critical portion of your business. Over the past decade, many carriers in the insurance industry stopped writing the Street Cleaning classification, leaving many landscapers with no option but to purchase a very expensive Surplus Lines Snow Plow policy. Our program understands snow plowing is part of the overall risk and we have worked with our clients to maintain the snowplowing within the landscape policy. The key is to clearly spell out the snowplow services you will provide and the thresholds that trigger your services. We work with our clients to identify potential negative situations and how to eliminate them before the snow plow season begins.

landscaping insurance ct
landscaping insurance ct

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