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The Lyman Agency, LLC is made up of a team of experienced Homeowners insurance agents who are all licensed and ready to help you craft a homeowner’s policy that protects your needs at the best rates. We pride ourselves in taking a personal interest in you and your family and making sure you are properly covered from the unexpected. We will make sure those things you own are properly covered. Whether it is the new large lawn tractor and implements you purchased for those bigger jobs around the yard, or the new diamond earrings birthday present, we will make sure there are not any surprises if something happens to what you value most.

We are here for you no matter which stage of life you are at!

What We Help to Protect

Protect Your Family and Your Future

Just starting out:

You have taken the first big step into independence and have rented an apartment. You will need a renters policy to protect your belongings and to protect you from liability claims. Most likely your funds are tight and fortunately, a renters policy is very affordable. We can show you how to reduce your total insurance premiums with our tri-line discount with a combination of a renters policy, auto, and life insurance.

First Home:

If you just bought your first home, we can help guide and explain to you what options are available to you and how the policy works. Not all insurance homeowners policies are the same and we are there to help guide you to best protect your new purchase. Our goal at The Lyman Agency, LLC is to build a long-term relationship based on honesty and trust. As you accumulate assets your needs change and it is important that you have a dedicated team behind you to make sure your homeowners insurance keeps up with you as your insurance needs at competitive rates.

Young Families:

Now that you have a couple of young children and your house is bursting at the seams. You have decided to add on to your current house or you have decided it is time to move from the starter home to a new four-bedroom house with a swimming pool, barn, and a few acres of land. We will take the time to understand your new situation and put together a new homeowners policy, and then most importantly spend the time with you so you understand your new policy. We can also show you ways to reduce your rate by combining it with an auto policy, umbrella policy, and a life insurance policy to make sure your plans are fulfilled in the case of the unexpected.

Kids come of age:

Your oldest is off to college and your youngest is turning Sixteen and just got her driver’s license. Congratulations, you have arrived! These are important milestones in your family’s life. Your kids are becoming independent and you have rediscovered your independence. But you are now dealing with tuition payments and increased auto payments due to youthful drivers. We can help you navigate this stage and make adjustments in your homeowners policy to protect your oldest child’s belongings that are away at school and apply discounts to lessen the burden of having a young driver on your auto policy. Fortunately, this period of time is finite and passes before you know it.

Empty nesters:

Your youngest just graduated college and has accepted a job a few states away. You are officially an empty nester. A few short years ago you were longing for this day and now that it has come you realize you have a large four-bedroom house waiting for a few years from now when the grandkids will be coming to visit during summer vacations and the holidays. Your insurance needs have definitely changed and we are here to make the needed adjustments. We will meet with you and complete a complete Professional Insurance review of your needs and current homeowners’ policy.

Our homeowners’ insurance agents make sure you have the proper limits on your policy.

Second homes:

Now that the kids are gone, you have decided to purchase a summer home along the shore or a condo on the mountain in VT. We will make sure your insurance needs are adjusted to meet your new lifestyle. We will meet with you and complete a full professional insurance review and listen to you and adjust your plan to make sure you are properly covered from the unexpected.

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Personal Umbrella Policy

As you accumulate assets and your net worth grows, this is the time to seriously consider a Personal Umbrella Policy. An Umbrella Policy is liability coverage in increments of a million dollars that is in addition to your liability coverages on your underlying policies, of homeowners, Personal Auto, boat and motorcycle.

We will be happy to review your insurance needs and together we will determine what is best for you.

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Protection for you and your family for Life:

You work hard to make sure your loved ones have a comfortable life. How would they fare financially if you weren’t there to provide for them? Without your income to support them, could your family pay bills, make mortgage payments, cover debts or fund a college education? Life insurance is one of the best ways to protect the people you love.

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