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Whether you have a small family farm or a large commercial operation, you are stewards of the land most likely looking to pass the family heritage and tradition to generations to come. As your farming business grows, your needs will change. One thing is certain, your need for proper insurance to protect everything you and your family have built.

We understand the complex coverage needs that farmers have and we will work hard to ensure that you have the best protection in place for your agribusiness. Whether you own a commercial farm or a hobby tree farm, The Lyman Agency, LLC., is here to help you to find the right policy options to fit your farm and your goals.

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Farm Package:

This is a policy made by farmers specifically for farmers. The Farm Package offered by The Lyman Agency, LLC. goes beyond traditional farm or ranch coverage. We do this by providing a flexible farm package that combines personal, farm, business, property and liability coverage all under one policy, allowing you to customize the coverage to match your individual needs.

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What Is in a Farm Package?

Residences and Household Contents Covers: Dwellings; Mobile homes; Household contents; Loss of use; Debris removal; Trees, shrubs, plants, lawns; Refrigerated products; Outdoor radio, satellite and TV equipment; Motorized vehicles; Computer hardware and software; Credit card theft; Increased cost of ordinance or law; Fences; Fire department service; and more. Options Available: Replacement cost on residence and contents; Inflation guard; Builders risk; Excess business property contents; Water Damage – Backup of sewers, drains, and sumps; and more.

Buildings and Building Contents Covers: Barns; Silos; Sheds; Potato houses; Poultry houses; Greenhouses; Poultry; Controlled atmosphere storage; Permanent equipment in a building; Refrigerated products; and more. Options Available: Replacement cost on buildings and contents; Consequential loss; Tenant improvements and betterments; Operations records; Extra expense; Builders risk; Suffocation or smothering of poultry; Growing crops in greenhouses; Increased loss to refrigerated products; Ordinance or law; Farming income loss; Dairy income loss; and more.

Farm Personal Property Covers: Livestock; Farm machinery; Farm products, supplies, and tools; Borrowed farm machinery; Limited pollutant clean-up and removal; Property in the custody of common or contract carrier; and more. Options Available: Farm machinery used for hire; Rental reimbursement; Property Average Coverage; Excess property away from premises; Special silo unloader coverage; Borrowed or rented farm machinery; Periodic increase in limits; Suffocation of livestock; and more.

Scheduled Personal Property Covers: All-risk coverage for valuables that you choose to insure. *subject to exclusions. Options Available: Jewelry; Furs; Coins; Stamps; Fine arts; Silverware; Musical instruments; Cameras; Golf equipment; Bicycles; Signs; Guns; All-terrain vehicles; Watercraft; Snowmobiles.

Liability Covers: Medical expenses; First aid; Cost of defense; Bodily injury and property damage liability; Farm chemical transportation coverage; Fire legal liability; and more. Options Available: Harvest-your-own; Personal injury; Limited custom farming; Farm employee coverage; Livestock boarding; Named insured medical expenses; Watercraft; Care, custody, and control of livestock; Home daycare coverage; and more.

Because you and your family are the most important part of your business, The Lyman Agency, Inc. also offers insurance to protect you, your family, and your assets.

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    • Family and Estate Protection
    • Succession Planning
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The Lyman Agency, LLC is focused on helping business and farm owners in Connecticut and the Northeast protect what matters most to them for the past 15 years. Prior to becoming an agent, Jim Lyman, managing member. of The Lyman Agency, LLC spent 15 years on your side of the table running the various aspects of his Family’s historic 1,000-acre farm in Middlefield. During those years he learned that insurance is a necessary expense that is able to be controlled with proper preventative measures. Jim is passionate about working with his clients on controlling expenses while properly protecting what matters most to them. To learn about the coverage that will meet your particular needs and to obtain your free quote, call The Lyman Agency, LLC. today at 860-349-7064.

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Lyman Insure™ has the experience that business owners need to protect all aspects of their business. At The Lyman Agency, LLC, we recognize that it is the relationships we establish with our clients that set us apart. Please contact us for a free quote or insurance evaluation. You can be sure with Lyman Insure.

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